Sunday, April 24, 2011

the zesty baker: giveaway: monogrammed magnets

the zesty baker: giveaway: monogrammed magnets: "*Update: You have until tomorrow {Monday} at 5pm to enter!* So, the promised-post is here and comes with a special surprise... the zesty b..."

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Confessions: Im addicted to spending money..eek

I have a problem. The problem with my problem: i've had this problem since I was a pre teen and I don't know if its curable. I love shopping and im not sure its an addiction I want to give up. At first it started with window shopping, then getting a little older and getting an allowance to get the small things I wanted, then getting a part time job in high school to be able to afford the pricier stuff I wanted, and now im a full fledged adult with a salary(scary). If it wasn't for the bills that I know have to be paid, I would spend my entire paycheck on fabulous trips, fine cuisine, and shoes and purses. Im addicted to shopping and im about to explode. Im not as bad as Rebecca Bloomwood in Confessions of a Shop A holic (great movie), but I do feel happy after some needed retail therapy. One thing that has helped me hold my urges is paying for my wedding. My fiance' and I have been saving money and sending out checks like crazy over the past few months to pay off vendors. I've avoided the mall totally, tj maxx, and only go to the food section of Target. I can't wait for the wedding to be over so that I can finally have my life back! I won't go crazy and go on out of control shopping sprees, but I will buy a few items i've wanted for a while. I know that if I went on the Suze Orman's "Can I afford it" segment she would turn me down on getting a new wadrobe. I really need some new clothes and shoes for work. Its about to be summer and I would really like some sun dresses, a new bathing suit, and some cute tank tops to wear. I would also love some new sandals. So here are a few items I would love to buy:

A black North Face denali. Why: because I don't have a black one. I love my brown and pink ones, but they don't go with everything! Black is a color I can wear with everything and even though its about to be warm, I still like carrying my North Face with me when I go to the movies.

A J. Crew sandalwood blazer ($128) Why: Because blazers go well with a pair of jeans or apart of a business suit. You can dress it up or dress it down and look good.

Lilly Pulitzer Mandy dress Why: Because its so cute and is bohemian chic. This dress is perfect for a weekend outing.
Tory Burch leopard ballet flats ($235). Why: Because they are cute! No other reason other than that.

Oh how I wish September would hurry up so I could buy some new cute clothes!!!