Sunday, December 26, 2010

Happy Holidays!!!

Merry Christmas everyone!!! I know it has been such a long time, but I have been so busy with work!! Wedding planning is pretty much at a halt right now until after the holidays aka after January 1st! I can't believe my wedding is less than 9 months away!! We have a really long engagement (24 months) and to know that im so close its so exciting!! So I have to say that this Christmas has been absolutely the best yet!! I loved hanging out watching movies and seeing all the snow!!! My favorite gift I received was an apron from FI that had my nickname (Petrey) on it!! I feel like a real cook now!! :) After busy season ends I will definitely have a lot exciting things to post. Anywho, Merry Christmas and happy new year!!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

A person I never knew

So my cousin from my father's side of the family posted some pictures on facebook of my paternal grandmother. I don't know this cousin at all, but he somehow knows I exist. I don't know much about my father, only what I heard of him at his funeral last year. I never knew anything about my paternal grandparents other than they died when my father was a child. Its so funny how learning about yourself, your past, and where you came from can make you feel. I am grateful to finally be able to see another side of me, who I am has been a question i've been asking my entire life, but have received no response. I've never seen a picture of my grandmother until now. I have never seen a picture of my father as a child until now. The few summers I spent at his house were usually full of silence. I didn't learn much about him other than he woke up at 4am every single day and would make himself coffee before heading to work. I definitely did not inherit the gene of waking up early, I am not a morning person at all. I don't know if we had anything in common, his favorite color, where he went to school, if he played any sports. The only picture I have of him is from his obituary. Since Facebook is now the greatest thing since slice bread I would like to thank the creators for creating a site that finally allows me to see this moment in time. Without it, I would never have seen this picture and would have always questioned, what my grandmother looked I know.

Here is a picture of my grandmother, Dorothy Mae Cooper Gibson. This is the first time i've ever seen what she looked like.

Here is a pic of my father (first guy on the left) in 1963.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Bridal bling!!

So i've been thinking about the jewelry I want to wear on my wedding day and I found this awesome bracelet on etsy!! I love it so much and it just arrived in the mail today. I cannot wait to wear it with my dress. Now all I need to find is my earrings and necklace..or maybe just earrings..don't wanna over do it too much.

Etsy find

Here are some adorable Mr & Mrs wedding forks I found on etsy to buy for when we eat our first slice of cake. Cute right?

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Monogram trial 2

So here is my second monogram that i've created. I really like this one. I like that I made the pink even pinker(if that's even a word). I really like this one the far.

Friday, October 8, 2010

First attempt at our monogram

So here is my first attempt of our wedding monogram. I love that wedding monograms make your wedding that much more unique and special. I plan to use this throughout the wedding. I will probably create a new one, but I like this one for now. I made it in It took me a few minutes to learn how to use it, but I think I did pretty well.

Must take photos

I am so inspired when I look at posts on Style Me Pretty. I get so many great ideas and I just hope my wedding looks half as fabulous and the ones featured on the site. So i've been thinking about photos I must take. Brandon and I are doing first look photos and I really cannot wait!! I have not seen a first look photo that I didn't love. I also saw this picture of the sky and I know this might seem weird, but I really want to see/remember what the sky looked like on my wedding day (was it cloudy, sunny, white fluffy clouds, dark scattered clouds..etc). So here are a few of my favs that ive found on different wedding blogs.

Sunday, October 3, 2010


So i've been slacking on my posting lately. So much has happened, like the fact that I just turned 23! It feels the same as 22, but I had a wonderful birthday and it made me feel so blessed. So im finally at my 1 year mark..woohoo!! On my birthday next year, I will be on my honeymoon in St. Lucia. It feels so good to finally be less than a year away from my big day. I feel like i've got so much accomplished. I have:

  • Wedding venue( Carolina Inn)

  • Photographer (Michael Moss)

  • Wedding planner (Tracy Adams)

  • Florist (Lyn Graves from Fresh Affairs)

  • Save the dates (Vistaprint)

  • cake stand (Craigslist)

  • DJ (Tyler Rhodes)

I have so many ideas going through my head, I just hope they all come together as planned. Here are some of my inspiration/ideas for my hair, bouquet, and cake that I have as of right now.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

When I walk into my wedding I want drama!!!

So my wedding is a year away!! Im so excited to finally be this far along. We're having a two year engagement and at first I was just throwing out ideas, but now its time to really start planning. Ive been so busy at work I haven't had time to do much planning when I get home. I know I want a lot of lighting and a dramatic centerpieces. I want textured table linens and lots of candles. So when I talk about lighting this is what I want to see when I walk into the room. I don't want anyone to see blue walls..I want them to see color and texture!!

Here is a picture of my venue for the ceremony. Im having an evening reception so I want lots of candles like in this picture. It won't be fall yet so the trees will still be green and really nice.
Picture credits to: the knot and Kristine Dittner Photography

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Why does the weekend go by so slow?

Saturday is my favorite day of the week. I love waking up whenever I want, lounging around in my pjs, and catching up on my favorite shows and movies. This weekend, Brandon had to work. He's in his second busy season for all of the people who filed an extention for their taxes. He said that he was going to work from 10am to 2pm, but he didn't get off work until 7pm. I went to hang out with my mom for a while and then we decided to go see a movie. Im a big Paul Walker fan, so when I heard about the movie Takers I had to see it. It was an awesome movie and im glad I got to spend time with my mom. Brandon tagged along as well and he thought it was awesome. After the movie, Brandon and I went back home and passed out. Before we knew it, it was Sunday. Today we decided to get up and go to the Gypsy Diner for brunch. I had the french toast and Brandon had chicken fingers..haha. Side note: Brandon and I are creating a kids menu for our wedding and Brandon would rather have that as his meal than what we're serving. He's a super picky eater so it should be interesting when we go for our tasting. Anywho, its been a lazy Sunday and we are not looking forward to going back to work on Monday. I feel the weekend went by super fast. Matter of fact, this year is going by super fast. We're almost at the 1 year mark for our wedding!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Engagement photos!!

So we finally got our photos back from our photographer and I am pleased. I wish it wasn't so hot so that I wasn't drenched for the last set of photos. Here are a couple of my favs.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Its official!!

So ive been getting so much inspiration from other bloggers and I definitely need to step my game up! I have no clue how to operate on this thing..yet!

Back to wedding planning, I recently finalized my wedding venue!! I am officially getting married at the Carolina Inn! My fiance' is not too happy to get married at a Carolina venue (we are Pirates..go ECU!). I love the venue so I don't care what school it is associated with. Isn't it to die for??

Sunday, July 25, 2010


I am totally obsessed with Peonies! They are such a beautiful flower. I know they aren't in season in September but I will have them at my wedding somehow!

Cake Inspirations!

So here are a few cakes that I really love!

MIA lately!

So I have been MIA lately. I hate being sick so I try to do as little as possible when I am. I have gotten a lot accomplished lately and will post my new inspirations/ideas shortly.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Wedding Ideas!!

So here are some pics of some of the ideas I have in my head for my reception and ceremony. I'll update it soon with my new pink and blue theme but for now here is my yellow and navy.

Considering changing my venue :/

I thought that when I visited my venue the first time it was perfect. I knew I wanted an outdoor ceremony and an open canvas. I really liked the outdoor pavilion for my reception but im not so sure anymore. My wedding is in mid-September so im thinking it still might be too hot. I don't want my guest sweating to death from heat stroke. The first venue I looked at I really loved except for it was a million miles away from civilization. But it has a beautiful ballroom and I think that I would regret it if I kept my current venue and not have an air conditioned event in a ballroom.

Monday, June 21, 2010

My wedding dress!

So my wonderful friend Liz decided to set up an appointment for me to go try on dresses against my will. Luckily, the first dress I tried on I absolutely loved!! I put on the dress and I felt so pretty, classy, elegant, and sexy all at the same time. I figured i'd save pics for later but I am so excited that I have that accomplished. I could not be happier! :)


So i've probably changed my colors 4 times by now!! My original color was tiffany blue and platinum..until tiffany blue had 15 different versions. So I changed my colors to yellow and grey. I find that color combo very classy and modern. I loved it until..I fell in love with navy blue. My favorite color is blue so its only appropriate that I somehow incorporate it into my wedding. I love the combo together because its definitely fresh and fun. But..I found my wedding dress yesterday and when one of my friends tried on a pink bridesmaid dress..I fell in love with pink!! My fiance was so against pink I knew he would say no..and he did. But somehow I convinced him last night that it would be ABSOLUTELY PERFECT and he finally saw my vision! So my new colors are navy blue and baby pink..a little bit of soft and a little bit rough.


Hello there! My name is Janece and I am so excited to be getting married next September. I decided to create a blog so that my family and friends can see where I am with my planning. I am getting married at the Carolina Inn in Chapel Hill, NC! I feel like I should share a little bit about myself. I met my wonderful fiance' (Brandon) my sophomore year in college. We met at the library on campus and I knew that he was different from any other guy i've ever met. We both graduated from East Carolina University and haven't been apart since. Brandon is a CPA and I am a client services rep at an insurance company. We love music, movies, and just laying around doing absolutely nothing. I cannot wait to start my life as Mrs. Brake.