Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!!!

Today is the official start to a new year and I could not be happier. 2010 was a year of triumphs and defeats, but I am looking forward to what's ahead. Speaking of what's ahead: Im getting married this year!! FINALLY!! When we first started this process, we had 24 months to plan our wedding (that's 2 years)!!! Now I have less than 9 months til the big day! So, from now on I will take you all on my journey to the alter. I have a lot of DIY projects to work on, so you will see all my attempts at creating fabulous designs for my big day. From now on I will let you know what I plan on accomplishing each month, and what actually gets done. Work has slowed down for now, so I will be able to work a regular 40 hour week!! Im so looking forward to 2011!!

January to do list:

  • Get Brandon's passport for the honeymoon

  • Design our customized invitation
  • Find wedding undergarments

  • Call Olga to schedule my dress alterations

  • Attend the Carolina Inn Bridal Fair

  • Find my mom a birthday present

I have some real DIY stuff I probably will try to work on, but no rush..I have 8 months 2 weeks and 3 days!! LOL

Happy New Year!!

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