Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Year Resolution- Getting fit for my dress (blah)

So my goal is to get totally toned and lose some weight by early April. I have to get my dress altered and while it is 2 sizes too big, I want to be really fit and in shape before I go for my first fitting. My goal is to work out at least 5 days a week! I have been doing well so far-i've went 3 times this week so far!! Two more days to go! Im dreading going back to Bodypump, but I did get in great shape and lost the most weight with that class. Its just so hard lifting weights for an entire hour!!! At least they have good music! :)

So I found this wonderful graphic designer to design my invitations...but I found the perfect invites by an etsy seller (inkedpaper), and they are a lot less than ones by the graphic designer. I feel bad telling her we no longer will be getting our invites by her, but when I saw these (below) I loved everything about them and they are going to look totally awesome in pink and navy!!


  1. *sigh* Ohhhhh to lost weight! I really need to get on it!!!!!!!!

  2. those invites look great!! New follower, looking forward to watching as you count down to your big day!

  3. Hi girls! I really appreciate you reading my blog! I have lots more to come! :)