Sunday, March 20, 2011

Going the extra mile

As a woman, I think its normal for us to have body image issues. We see girls on tv and in magazines and are told that we need to look that way. Not everyone is a size 0 and there are a lot of people who don't want to be. Getting married is a big step in my life. I have gone my whole life being average (not thin and not big), just average. I would be lying if I said I didn't want to look good on the one day of my life when hundreds of family and friends will be staring at me all day long in a form fitting wedding gown. I don't want to be super skinny, just fit.

Now that my wedding is six months away I am definitely taking this life changing plan into action. Getting fit isn't something short term for me, this is a permanent lifestyle change. I go to the gym every week, but I have been slacking lately and not going as often as I should. I am trying to tone a little and probably lose 30 pounds total (I've recently lost 10 pounds over the past 3 weeks!) I have kicked up my fitness goals into high gear and I have been going to the gym 5-6 times a week!! I don't have a problem going to the gym, but I do lose my motivation after a while and fall into tempation with sweets (I can't resist chips, cookies, and cake). Usually one of my coworkers brings in a treat and I can never say no. That has changed a lot for me. I started keeping a food journal on my phone (Myfitnesspal app on my iphone has been a great tool). I enter all my foods for the day with no exceptions and keep track of how many calories I have consumed. I go to the gym directly after work and usually do a fitness class or workout on my own. I try to switch up my routine every few weeks to prevent myself from falling off track.

I finally have my dress fitting 1 month before my wedding! I am super excited because I am hoping to be at my goal size by then. The one thing I am scared about is my dress not fitting at all to the point where I will have to get a new one. When I ordered my dress it was already two sizes too big. If I lose any more weight it may be too big. I figure I will cross that bridge when I get to it, but it crosses my mind frequently.

So now that I am this fitness journey along with planning my wedding I would definitely like to keep you all updated on my progress. I am not changing the wedding theme of my blog, but I am adding parts of my everyday life to it. I will be posting delicious healthy recipes, talking about my goals of going back to grad school, and exciting things that will occur before and after the wedding. I want to make this more personal and real so adding the trials and tribulations of an average 20 year old girl seems appropriate. I hope you guys stick around because I have lots of cool stuff coming soon!

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